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AP Tech Computer Institute

Aptech provides in demand IT industry courses. Career options in Java, Microsoft .NET, App development, Web developing, and programming languages.


Aptech Computer career education programs to students through its wide network of centres. These programs impart skills to prepare students .

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Mr. Ashik 10 seats 2 Years

Ethical Hacking

Introduction to Ethical Hacking, Career in Ethical Hacking, Hacking Types & Phases, Reconnaissance, Reconnaissance, Scanning, Gaining Access : Hacking Windows/Linux/Mac OS, Gaining Access : Hacking Windows/Linux/Mac OS, Maintaining Access, Maintaining Access, Data Encryption, System Hacking, Revision,Cyber Law, Exam

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Mr. Ashik 6 seats 1 Years

Diploma In Networking Engineering

1. Basic Networking 2. TCP, IP, IPV4. 3. Workgroup vs Domain. 4. Network LAN Infrastructure. 5. Windows Server. 6. Software Installation 7. Computer Security 8. Personality Development.

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Mr. Ashik 10 seats 2 Years

Certificate IT

Introducing Operating System, Introducing Internet and Email, Word Processing, Typing, Making paragraph and lines, Adding pictures, Designing your page, Working with tables, Working with charts and graphs,diagrams, Using preset and Advanced Feature, Introducing Spread Sheet, Multimedia, Graphics and Web tech.

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Mr. Khan 10 seats 4 Years

Web Desiging

Demystifying Your (Future), Home Page, Creating and Shaping Web Text, Creating and Using Art on the Web, Stockpiling the Goods, Planning Your Attack, Demystifying Basic HTML, Creating Web Sites with FrontPage, Sending Your Web Pages into the Real World. Assessment, Personality Development Class for Interview.

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